Child Safety Store

Resources to Protect Yourself & Your Loved Ones

Child Tracking

GPS child tracking deviceNever again have to wonder “Where’s my child?” with the AmberAlert GPS. This small tracking device can track your child in real-time as well as tell you when they leave a designated “Safe Zone,” arrive at a certain destination, get within 500 feet of a registered sex offender’s residence, are in a place with extreme temperatures (such as inside a hot car) or even speed while driving.

Pressing the SOS button will contact up to 10 trusted individuals with an alert and your child’s location. Currently, you can even get a coupon toward the price when you sign up for their free online newsletter. Click here to find out more about the AmberAlert GPS Child Location Device.

SecuraPAL Guardian - Securing Your Peace of MindSecuraPal provides GPS-based tracking and SOS alerts as well in a bit larger, heavier, plain white device, which would be more appealing to adults.  Advantages include being able to set-up several safe-zone type areas, a longer lasting battery, and easy activation for use in 120 countries.

SecuraPal can also be rented for short-term use for vacations, amusement parks and the like. Visit the SecuraTrac website for more information.

child locator teddy bearMaybe you want something simpler–something just for a trip to the mall or amusement park. In that case, the Child Locator Safety Alarm may be just what you’re looking for.

You hang onto the small key chain transmitter and attach a brown or pink teddy bear-shaped locator receiver to your child’s shoe or belt. Depress the button and the transmitter and you’ll hear the locator chirp up to 150 feet away. Check out the Child Locator Safety Alarm.

Keeping Kids Safe

Stranger Danger Child Safety DVDTeach your elementary school-age kids how to stay safe when dealing with strangers and those they “kind of” know–without scaring them.

The award-winning Safe Side Stranger Danger Safety DVD from John Walsh of Americas Most Wanted and Julie Clark of The Baby Einstein Company uses a light and funny approach to teach kids seven Hot Tips for personal safety.

DVD is 42 minutes long and includes a Hot Tips mini-poster and three safety badges for reinforcement. Learn more about the Stranger Safety DVD.

The GE Wireless Door & Window Alarm lets you know when kids may be leaving or intruders may be coming in. When the door opens, a continuous 120 dB alarm is sounded until the door is shut.

Easy installation with double-stick tape or screws, may be turned off when not needed. Comes in a package of 2 alarms. Get your Wireless Door and Window Alarm set here.

Child Identification

child safety identification dog tagsClip one of these cute, Personalized Child ID Dog Tags to your child’s belt hoops so you can be reunited with your lost child quickly.

These lead-free tags can be engraved with your child’s name, your home and cell phone numbers, as well as any allergies or medical conditions you child has. Find out more about personalized Child Identification Dog Tags.

Child Safety Fingerprint KitHopefully, you will never have to need this product–but if the situation ever does arise, you’ll find out just how priceless it is to have all the necessary info ready to go!

This Child Safety Fingerprint Kit comes with: 1 fingerprinting card, 1 FBI-approved ink strip, 1 DNA sample bag, 1 child card in a protective sleeve and instructions for everything! Order your Child Safety Fingerprint Kit today!

I have taken care to research and choose the resources I believe are invaluable for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe–based on features, reputation and reviews.

But in the spirit of full disclosure, you should know that I may get a small commission if you make a purchase through some of the links above, which will go towards helping to defray the costs of the site.

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