Three Weeks Later, Still No Sign of Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis, 18 Months Old — Disappeared, New Braunsfel, TX — 2/4/11

There’s still no sign of the toddler who vanished from a home full of people earlier this month.

Police say everyone who was inside the home that night has been cooperating with authorities. They have also conducted extensive searches of the 2 mile area around Joshua’s home as well as other areas, plus run down dozens of leads.

However, there were two interesting back-to-back comments about the investigation in a news article this week:

“Police initially believed the child might have slipped out while left unattended and wandered into the 20-degree night. But they have backed away from that theory and there has been no significant movement on the case.

“’We are not looking at this as an abduction case. We are confident this is not a kidnapping,’ Penshorn said.”

OK, let’s do the math. If it’s NOT a case of…

  • Wandering away from home OR
  • Kidnapping

Then that seems to leave…

  • Traded/sold OR
  • Hurt at the house by someone who knows him (intentionally or not)

Am I missing something? It’s also interesting that police say they’re no closer to finding him than they were when he went missing, yet they must know something to rule out two big theories.

Bittersweet News

In the meantime, Mom Sandra Benitez gave birth to Joshua’s little brother Jaden last week. Mom and baby are doing fine, so I expect we’ll see her insist on taking a polygraph soon.

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