Joshua Davis — Disappeared, TX — 02/04/11

Taken shortly before Joshua's disappearance

18-month-old Joshua Davis was last seen the evening of Friday, February 4 around 8PM in his family’s New Braunfels, Texas home. Joshua has asthma and needs his medication and nebulizer.

Mom Sabrina Benitez says she was not surprised when Joshua wandered out of the back bedroom where they’d been watching Toy Story because the house was full of visitors, including another baby he liked to go visit.

In all, she says there were 9 people in the double-wide mobile home at the time–mom, dad, Joshua’s older brother (by another mother), his godmother, his two grandparents, his fathers friend, and his grandpa’s girlfriend. (Wouldn’t another baby make 10? Maybe because it’s a baby, she’s not counting him.)

But after 10 minutes passed and he hadn’t come back, she jumped up and ran around the house looking for him. Dad Joshua  Davis, Sr.  says he had just seen the boy a few minutes before, when he’d come up behind him to pull on his beanie. Now, he was no where to be found.

The parents say the doors to their Savannah Hill Circle home were all closed and that Joshua couldn’t reach high enough to open the latch. Although they now seem set on the fact he was kidnapped, after somehow making his way outside.

Benitez said in a comment shown on Nancy Grace that initially she thought the father’s friend, who had come and gone, had possibly taken the boy. But the police said there was no evidence of that.

As for whether Joshua could have slipped out while the friend came in and out–she said he had used the back door, and the back porch was covered with ice. She didn’t see how Joshua could have made it across and down the stairs without falling.

Bloodhounds were initially brought in and did not find a trail for Joshua outside of the yard. However, searchers and cadaver dogs continue to comb the area near the home in case he did somehow wander off, as well as other locations called in on tips.

But would an 18-month-old wander off in the dark and cold without shoes?

Police have asked those who were at the home that night to submit to polygraphs. The father says he’s taken three. The mother can’t be given one due to her pregnancy although she says she’s willing to take one anyway. There are rumors some others in the house at the time have refused, but police won’t confirm whether that’s true.

The FBI and Texas Rangers has joined in both the recovery efforts and analyzing physical evidence, including a black tarp and bucket taken from the backyard of the home last week.

Police say they are getting a ton of calls, but it doesn’t appear they have much real evidence to go on.

Tips: New Braunfels Police 830-221-4100
Reward: $5,000

— Update 2/17/11 —

There really hasn’t been much news, although this Joshua Davis tidbit from a local news outlet is interesting:

Police say the boy, who vanished from a mobile home crowded with adults on Feb. 4, didn’t wander off. Tracking dogs haven’t been able to pick up his scent, and exhaustive searches of a two-mile area around the boy’s home have turned up no signs.

Police and abduction experts also have ruled out the possibility of a kidnapping.

So, apparently police know he didn’t wander off and he wasn’t kidnapped. (How you do totally rule out the latter possibility unless you have evidence or testimony of what did happen?) Seems to me the only option left is not alive–whether it was an accidental or pre-meditated murder.
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