Hailey Dunn — Disappeared, TX — Clint Dunn

Since Hailey Dunn disappeared on December 27, 2010, her dad Clint Dunn has offered several times to take a polygraph, which by all reports police have declined.

Happier moments for Hailey Dunn

Why? We can only guess it’s because Clint has never even come close to being a suspect. He is over the moon for his “baby girl”–so proud of her intelligence and excited that she was on track to go to college and do well in life.

He is also the only one of the three (counting Billie and Adkins) who appears truly distraught and talks about Hailey in the present tense.

(Since the beginning, Billie has talked about Hailey in the past tense, which is highly unusual for the parent of a missing child–unless you’re Susan Smith or Casey Anthony anyway.)

Searching for Answers. Clint has also taken it upon himself to pack up his fiancee Naom,i and their three-month old daughter to check out possible spottings of Hailey in nearby towns, on top of pounding the pavement every day for her in Colorado City–passing out flyers, checking out abandoned buildings–anything and everything he can short of going out on the grid searches himself.

Yet, he is still making time for his other children–he reportedly took David to his first martial arts class recently.  Imagine how forgotten siblings must feel in the midst of an ordeal like this.  Good for him that he’s trying not to let that happen.

Meanwhile, Billie sits home watching TV, playing video games (when not doing press interviews), and having people over to eat, drink two cases of beers and watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve–three days after her daughter went missing. I’ll let you do the math whether that’s a party or not.

Billie says she doesn’t want to search because she’s afraid of what she might find.  No one’s expecting a parent to go out with the cadaver dogs. But there’s a whole lot that can be done outside of that. And none of it involves sitting on the couch watching TV…

Or continuing her relationship with Shawn Adkins, as she finally admitted in the one question she answered after giving her prepared statement to the press on January 31:

 JOURNALIST: What is your relationship like with Shawn Adkins?

BILLIE DUNN: We’re friendly. We talk on the phone.

Friendly with the police’s prime suspect in the disappearance of your daughter?! She has gone on to say in interviews since then that she and Adkins still love, miss each other and “answer questions for each other” and that he’ll be coming back to live with them as soon as this whole “mess” is over.

Sadly, her higher visibility (Clint said he froze in front of the cameras the first time he tried, so he let Billie do most of the talking until very recently) means Billie has been attracting a good amount of donations and financial assistance–including a van and a foundation “who awarded me a grant” to pay her bills. (emphasis added)

Assistance that should instead be going to the person who truly is out there looking for his daughter every day.

I’m not saying that Clint is Mr. Clean. As mentioned before, he does have a rap sheet, mostly for possession of a small amount of marijuana.

And, confounding the situation, Naomi’s mom reportedly was circulating a video of Clint smoking pot online. (He has been forthcoming about the fact he smokes pot for pain relief. But the visual certainly doesn’t do him any favors.)

Plus, there’s the question…

Was Hailey Afraid of Shawn? And Did Clint Know?

Clint’s mom Connie says Hailey told her she was afraid of Shawn Adkins…that he would pace the hall outside her room at night and peer in and watch her sleep. As far as she knew, he never touched her, but his mom is convinced now that Hailey’s gone because Adkins raped and murdered her.

When pressed, Connie says she did tell Clint. But when asked how he reacted to her revelation, she said she “didn’t remember” but he “was concerned.”

Was it that much of a non-memorable reaction? Did he explode and she suddenly realized sharing that might make her son look bad? Or did this not really happen?

Some think she’s making this up, or exaggerating something the girl said, because of her fear and anger about Hailey’s disappearance.

There was a report in OK! Magazine that seems to support her statements, which said Hailey made a call to her aunt Theresa Gaddis shortly before she went missing in tears because she was scared of him. But Theresa Gaddis (or someone speaking for her) seems to be denouncing that–saying she did talk to her missing niece but about other things. Although she did acknowledge that Hailey Dunn didn’t like Shawn Adkins.

So unless other reports surface, I’d say the jury is out on whether Hailey was truly scared of Adkins or just didn’t like him.

Of course, if it is true, and Clint knew, why did he do nothing? 

Clint says he believes his mom is telling the truth. When asked if he’s surprised Hailey didn’t tell him, he says no. She knew he would lose it and beat Adkins to a pulp and she didn’t want him going to jail over it. Given what’s been said about Hailey always looking out for her dad, this does seem plausible.

He hasn’t said (that I’ve seen) if his mom told him or not. And if so, what he did about it. It’s possible Hailey implored her grandmother not to tell and she’s feeling guilty about the decision not to now.

But regardless of what the real story is about Hailey and Adkins and what Clint knew, he does seem to be the only one acting like a parent who wants his child back.

If you’re interested, you can contribute to Clint Dunn’s efforts to search for Hailey (i.e. gas money, printing fliers, etc) at this donation website… http://haileycomehome.chipin.com/search-efforts-for-hailey-dunn .

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3 Responses to Hailey Dunn — Disappeared, TX — Clint Dunn

  1. michellefrommadison says:

    Have authorities confirmed that Hailey Dunn might have been prostituting herself like most cheerleaders often do? (ex, Natalee Holloway)

    • tlneedham says:

      Um, I don’t know where you heard that but there’s been nothing of the sort mentioned about either of those girls related to prostitution.

      • MichellefromMadison says:

        That’s the question, was Hailey prostituting herself like Natalee was? Lots of prostitutes run away from home and become totally missing. Unfortunately. 😦

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