Hailey Dunn — Disappeared, TX — Shawn Adkins

One of Adkins' hobbies

Shawn Adkins is Billie Dunn’s 25-year-old  boyfriend. They reportedly met on MySpace and have been together 2 1/2 years, living together for at least the past year of that.

It’s well-reported that Hailey disliked Adkins and felt he was keeping her parents from getting back together. Billie says she got over that and ended up liking him just fine, although some around the family question that.

Adkins’ Whereabouts That Day

The Job. Shawn Adkins says he went to work WSI in Snyder, TX at 6AM on the day Hailey Dunn disappeared and left about 10 minutes later, after having a big blowout and getting fired. Billie says he told her he got in a fight and quit, although he didn’t admit to that until 2 days afterward.

But Adkins’ boss said he didn’t get fired or quit and that he was actually a good worker–although his behavior was odd that day.  Apparently, Adkins came in, dropped off his coveralls (both he and Billie make a strange point of saying this), drank a soda in the breakroom in front of his boss, and left again without saying a word.

At least one other employee corroborates that story and adds that Adkins had left the car running outside.

To Grandmother’s House We Go. Adkins said he went straight to his mother’s house in Big Spring…until cell phone records showed his phone pinged a tower in Colorado City at 6:35AM and 6:56AM.

Then he added that he went to his other grandmother’s house in Dunn, TX first. Since she wasn’t home, he then cut through Colorado City (without stopping at the house) to pick up the highway to his other grandmother’s.

Of course, there’s no way he could have been “just passing through” with the second call pinging off the same tower 20 minutes later.

Then there was a “break in usage” for 2 1/2 hours. Only the police know at this point whether this means the cell was off, out of battery or just didn’t send or receive any calls.

After that, he made 11 calls in Big Springs–the last one at 2:40 PM. Of course, that makes it difficult to be back in Colorado City (48 miles away) by 3PM as he claimed, and to see Hailey leave around 3:15.

Police asked to see Adkins cell phone during one of his initial interviews. He complied, but after giving statements that contradicted what officers had seen on his phone, they asked to look at it again. At that point, he deleted the exact info police wanted to see before handing it back over. (that doesn’t look suspicious, huh?)

Of course, police were still able to get the call logs, which were suspicious enough to get a warrant to search his vehicle.

That Night. Adkins picked Billie up from work shortly before they made two ATM withdrawals at 6:20PM. She told Nancy Grace they withdrew “all the money they had,” which was $140, to buy groceries and gas. But police affidavits say she told them the money was withdrawn to buy illegal narcotics for the duo.

After that, they arrive at Billie’s mom’s house between 6:30 and 6:40, and then subsequently arrive home at 7:30PM.

Adkins 411

Horrific Hobbies. Adkins has no criminal history, although he does apparently have some very macabre hobbies. He’s known to be a big fan of slasher/horror movies–including a member of websites devoted to the topic–and is an avid collector of memorabilia regarding the Mike Myers character from Halloween.

A search of the bedroom he shared with Billie revealed more than 250 pages of materials focused on mass murderers, serial killers, sexual sadism, family member murders, and the like. Billie told investigators she printed all of the material at work and it was a “hobby” for them to read them together.

The Videos. Two disturbing videos of Shawn Adkins have been found online–including one where he’s dressed in creepy mask and costume, posing with knives, and an animal heart. The words scrolling throughout include such heartwarming lines as “don’t f@#k with us or we’ll take out your heart.”

Billie says she’d never seen the videos before they were posted to support pages for Hailey and that they must have been from before they got together. But reportedly, the videos could be seen on Adkins’ MySpace page. And given that they met through MySpace…well, you have to wonder how she could have missed them.

Chainsaws & Deer. One affidavit also includes a statement from Billie’s brother, Roger Ostrander, about how Adkins frequently talked about how he killed deer and cut them up with a chainsaw.

After Hailey disappeared, Ostrander said he expressed his incredulity that anyone would hurt a 13-year old-girl. Adkins replied, “yah, it’s like killing a deer.”

The 911 Calls. And no, the violence wasn’t all just fantasy. Adkins apparently threatened someone earlier in the year after they briefly split up. Billie said he threatened to kill Clint.

Adkins was recorded in a police interview saying he threatened to kill Billie and Hailey (why would you even admit that to the police, given the circumstances?!), and to make it “memorable.”

However, he in a recent media interview he said it was just Billie. (As if that makes it much better.)

In fact, there was several 911 calls from earlier last year with Billie asking police to go to her house because Adkins is “MHMR” and was threatening to go in there since she usually left the doors unlocked.

(MHMR is the abbreviation for the State of Texas Mental Health and Mental Retardation System)

Her FIRST concern was that he was trying to get in to steal a T-shirt, but added he might also take the Xbox. Then she said she’s worried he might confront her son, who was home at the time.

Adkins also placed a 911 call on Valentine’s Day saying Billie was threatening to kill herself over their breakup.

A lovely, stable couple, for two kids to be around, huh?

Finally, I’ll leave you with a quote from Adkins’ MySpace page–which comes from a Slipknot song…

Relax…it’s over,you belong to me,I fill your mouth with dirt Relax…it’s over,you can never leave I take your second digit with me… Love… You are…my first,I can breath I find you fascinating You are…my favorite,lay you down to sleep It’s all that I can do to stop…Love… So blue…so broken,paper doll decays I haven’t left you yet So cold…subversive,your eyes are full of bleach Tomorrow,I will go away again…Love… YOU ARE MINE,YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MINE,I CAN TEAR YOU APART I CAN RECOMBINE YOU ALL I WANT IS TO COVET YOU ALL YOU BELONG TO ME I WILL KILL YOU TO LOVE YOU.(LOVE)

I think that speaks for itself.

Next…Hailey’s dad Clint Dunn

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