Hailey Dunn — Disappeared, TX — Two Key Questions


A not-so-happy looking family

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered before police can solve the case of Hailey Dunn’s disappearance –first and foremost being…

When Was Hailey Actually Last Seen?

Billie says she looked in and saw Hailey asleep in her bed before she left for work that morning around 6:30AM, and that she had also seen her in her bed watching TV at 10:00PM the night before.

David says he last saw Hailey around 9:00PM the night before. He says at that time he went to a friend’s for the night and Hailey was still in his room playing video games when he left.

But several others claim to have seen her the day she went missing…

  • One neighbor Jean Burroughs who lives catty corner from Billie and knows Hailey says she saw her walking away from her house and back to her house with an unknown young boy about 6-7 years old between 10AM and 1PM.
    She says she’s certain it was that day because she had just finished with a customer, and she doesn’t cut hair on Sundays. But Naomi and Clint (the young boy was Naomi’s sun) said that was Sunday, not Monday. 
  • Billie says two neighbors–a man named Vernon and Dennis Pharris–say they saw Hailey on her mom’s cell phone in the backyard at noon.  (Guess she was able to be in two places at once?)News reports have only mentioned there being one witness at noon–allegedly Pharris, who was visiting Travis Walston, who lives two doors down from Haleigh. Walston says Pharris is not a reliable witness and he kicked him out several days later.
  • A woman named Celinda claims to have seen Hailey, Mary Beth and a strange boy at 8:30PM that night. Mary Beth and her mom both deny the girls were together and at this point.Billie says the woman is positive about this and even brought her a Redbox receipt to show the date and time. (Why bring her the receipt, and not law enforcement?) Upon further questioning, Billie admits Redbox doesn’t usually give receipts and says the woman says she got it “off of line.”

Overall, we don’t know much about some of these witnesses or how seriously the police may be taking their stories. And given how unreliable witnesses’ memories have proven to be in other cases (such as the woman being absolutely sure she saw Elizabeth Ennen at the Dollar Tree) , I’d say that without further info, David’s time of 9:00PM seems to be the most reliable.

Does Adkins’ Story of Hailey’s Departure Ring True?

It certainly sounds like Adkins was consistent about where she was headed, never varying that I’ve seen about where she was going, which can be a sign of truthfulness.

But why would Hailey head out to spend the night at the home of a friend who never responded to her alleged text message? (Alleged because we can’t be sure Hailey sent it. The big question is where did the phone ping at when it was sent, since Adkins would have still been in Big Spring at that time.)

Especially, the home of a friend she’d never spent the night with before?

(And on a lesser note–why didn’t the friend ever respond to the message? Did she not have her own cell phone? Did Hailey knew that?)

Initially, it seemed unlikely that Adkins would make up this story since it could so easily be proven that she didn’t make it to either place.

The Dad’s House. And even odder that he would include the visit to her father, since the closeness of the houses would greatly shorten the distance she could have disappeared from and make people question his truthfulness…

Unless the story was designed to throw suspicion on him.  After all, Clint himself admits to a previous physical altercation with Adkins, so there was definitely no love lost between the two of them.

Also, Clint, not Adkins, is the one with the rap sheet, with his first arrest in 1994 for burglary of a building. Four more arrests included one for driving with a suspended license in 1999, and three for possession of marijuana–in 1998, then on January 30 and December 29, 2010.

And if the story that there was a big blow-up around Christmas because Hailey wanted to go live with Clint is correct, Billie would have probably been ticked off at the possibility of having to pay him child support. Not to mention, mad about losing any state aid that might have been tied to the kids.

The Friend’s House. As for the friend, it again seems odd that he would say Hailey was going to Mary Beth’s–and not a friend she had spent the night with previously (although he may have been clueless on this point).

But it does make you wonder if Billie knew Mary Beth was no longer allowed to spend the night at her house.  Mary Beth’s mom Cecilia has said in news interviews that she put the kibosh on further sleepovers at the Dunns’ after hearing the girls were out walking the streets with other kids that night.

In recent statements Billie has made to the press, it’s clear she hates feeling “judged” for being anything less than “a wonderful mother.” Also, she told David to contact “that little friend” when she called that day instead of using the girl’s name, which again seems unusual since Hailey and Mary Beth were close friends.

Some language experts surmise she used this phrase to distance herself from the girl she was dragging into this. In my opinion, it seems more a sign of disdain. Think about how people refuse to refer to someone they dislike by their name and use a phrase starting with “that little…” instead.

And I’m just speculating her but IF you had to randomly choose a child and their family to drag into this, you probably wouldn’t choose one you liked, now would you?

Next up–All About Billie Dunn’s live-in boyfriend Shawn Adkins…

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1 Response to Hailey Dunn — Disappeared, TX — Two Key Questions

  1. tlneedham says:

    My two cents…

    The picture above is really telling to me. Here it is Christmas–when even teens are usually pretty excited and we know Hailey finally got a TV in her room, like she’d been wanting.

    Yet the two kids look sooo unhappy and uncomfortable. Shawn’s got his arm wrapped around Billie, pulling her into him. But she’s turned a bit away from him, with her hand on David’s shoulder.

    It looks so awkward–it would have obviously been more comfortable for her to wrap her arm around David’s waist. That’s also more the pose you’d expect of a mother with her child.

    Instead, the hand on the shoulder pose is more like “I rely on you” than “I love you with all my heart.”

    David’s sitting there, slightly hunched over with a facial expression like he’s about to take a test. His hands are clasped in front of him–not reaching out for anyone–though he is sitting close enough to his mom for their legs to touch.

    On the other hand, poor Hailey is practically out on a limb all by herself with her shoulder and feet barely touching David. She’s also more hunched over with her hands clasped in front–a very “closed off” position. And she’s barely turning the edges of her lips up to smile, as she’s clearly expected to do for this posed holiday photo.

    Clearly, tensions were running quite high in that house.

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