Hailey Dunn — Disappeared, TX — 12/27/10

Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn was allegedly last seen on December 27 by her mom Billie’s live-in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins. Adkins said Hailey told him as she was heading out the door around 3:15 PM that she was headed to her dad’s house then a friend’s to spend the night.

She never made it to either.

Hailey’s brother David told dad Clint that he returned to the home around 4PM that day and was surprised to find it locked. (Billie said in a recorded 911 call earlier in the year that she usually leaves the doors unlocked. More on that call later.)

David said he banged on the door for 5 minutes, but when no one answered, he broke into the house through a window. Once inside, he saw Adkins in the hallway “looking like a deer caught in the headlights.”

He said Adkins told him the same story about where Hailey was.

Billie says Adkins also gave her  the same story about Hailey’s whereabouts when he picked her up at 6:15 that night and she didn’t think anything of it.

The next day, she called David at noon. When she heard Hailey wasn’t home yet, tells him to call her friend and tell her to come home.

David calls Billie back after finding out Hailey was never there. In fact, the friend, Mary Beth Garcia, said she did not have plans with Hailey to spend the night and that they didn’t even talk that day.

Records for Billie’s cell phone–which she says she usually left at home for the kids to use when she went to work–show a text message sent to Mary Beth on the 27th went unanswered.

Billie tells David to go check over at Clint’s, who lives across a small field, but close enough that he can see the door of Billie’s house from his back porch. His girlfriend Naomi said Hailey was there for a brief time the day before but didn’t stay. (She later retracted this and said she was confused–Hailey wasn’t there at all that day.)

Billie asked David to put Clint on the phone and kept insisting he use her cell phone (which David was on) to call the police and report Hailey missing, while she went to the station to file a missing person’s report after checking at home and several friends’ houses.

She goes by the precinct at 2PM and goes home to await a visit from a police officer at 3PM.

Billie says she did not talk to Adkins at all or tell him Hailey was missing until he came home that night.

Questions About a Mother’s Behavior

Normally, I hate to see people questioning the family’s actions right out of the gate because you really can’t know how you would react unless you’d been in that situation.  But there’s a whole lot that’s not adding up…

You find out your child is missing–wouldn’t the FIRST person you call be the person who had last seen your daughter?

After all, you’d want to go over exactly what she said told him in case there was some kind of misunderstanding. Plus you’d have a million other questions for him, like how she was acting and what she had with her when she left.

Yet she Billie never says she tried to reach Adkins, only that she didn’t talk t0 him until he came home that night.

And HOW do you file a missing persons report when you have no idea what she was wearing? That’s usually one of the first things the police ask so they can tell other officers what to look for.

Even if she didn’t think about needing that info when she went to the station, she’d have known she needed to find that out before they came by the house…and only one person had seen her when she left that day…

Finally, why not call police yourself? After all, Clint only knew what he had heard third-hand from Billie so he wasn’t going to be able to tell them much. In the time she spent pressing him to call she could have already done it.

As someone pointed out, this is eerily like Ron Cummings telling Misty to call 911 instead of calling himself when that Haleigh went missing…

No, Hailey did not take anything with her that day, but again, the police first classified the teen as a runaway in the initial days after her disappearance.

Next, two key questions still unanswered about Hailey Dunn’s disappearance…

Tipline: Colorado City Police Department at 325-728-5294 or Laura Recovery Center at  866-898-5723
Reward: $15,000

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One Response to Hailey Dunn — Disappeared, TX — 12/27/10

  1. tlneedham says:

    My two cents…

    If I could interview anyone in the world about this case, it would be Hailey’s brother David. Basically, to find out about 2 things:

    1) What else he noticed besides Adkins looking like a deer in tn he headlights. To me, the fact Child Protective Services (CPS) thought they needed to remove a 16-year-old boy from the home suggests he may know much more than anyone’s let on.

    2) What was really going on inside the home? Was Hailey afraid or uncomfortable around Shawn? Or did she seem gaga over him? Did he (or any other male around them) seem too interested in her? Did she really ask to move in with Clint? What was Hailey and Billie’s relationship like? Did she ever complain that someone gave her the creeps?

    It’s likely that Hailey and David bonded over all the dysfunction in their family. And given that teens are usually pretty territorial about their rooms, the fact David let her stay and keep playing Xbox after he left for the night says to me they probably had a pretty good relationship.

    He may now be bent on protecting his mom–after all, he’s already lost his sister and he’s always been “mom’s boy” (Clint is David’s adopted father) to start with.

    But I bet a million dollars if you got him alone and got him talking about Hailey, he could shed a ton of light on what may have happened to her.

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