Elizabeth Ennen, 15 and Kailee Clapp, 14 — Kidnapped and Found (Deceased)

Two beautiful girls–their lives gruesomely snuffed out by people they knew.

Elizabeth Ennen, 15, went to babysit for a long-time family friend in Lubbock, Texas on Jan. 5, 2011…never to be seen alive again.

Kailee Clapp, 14, last seen by her sister getting ready for bed at their McCook, Nebraska home at 10:30PM on Jan. 20. The next morning, she was gone.

  • Both were sweet, much-beloved girls
  • Both disappeared in January
  • Both senselessly slain
  • Both bodies were found within days of each other, after the suspects confessed
  • And, unluckily for the suspects, both were killed in states with the death penalty

But the similarities end there.

Elizabeth Ennen was a good student who was always eager to help people out. She had babysat for Carmen and Humberto Salinas a number of times before–in fact, Virginia had known Carmen for about 15 years. So, she had no reason to suspect anything would happen.

But something did happen on January 5, 2011.  Carmen and Humberto went out (separately) but he returned home a few hours later, saying his wife called him after hearing the kids were supposedly giving Elizabeth a hard time.

He said they played with the kids a while, then she started acting weird and asked him to drive her home. He says he did, and watched her open the screen door of her house before driving off. He returned a short while later with her purse, saying she’d left in the car. Of course, Virginia panicked because Elizabeth had never made it inside.

Salinas tells her she probably ran off with his oldest son, who she apparently had a crush on. They drive around looking for her and call police. He helped her file the missing persons report and actually does most of the talking with investigators. And that was that.

Shortly after, Virginia realized there’s no way her child ran away without her phone, purse or medication and begins trying to convince police her daughter was kidnapped–but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Until sometime the next week when police discovered the son has an airtight alibi for that night…and that parts of Humberto’s story just weren’t adding up.

Two weeks after she goes missing, police check the surveillance tapes from the hotel and a whole different story unfolds.

They saw a scared Elizabeth hurry out of the room, putting her coat on and carrying her shoes, before Salinas shoves her against the wall and forces her back in. They exited the room again a while later, but when she moves away he grabs her again, manhandling her down to then car.

He returned, alone, 30 minutes later. Stayed for four minutes, then left to take Elizabeth’s purse to her mom and start weaving his tale.

The same day police finally check the video, they arrested Salinas and charged him with aggravated kidnapping.

And 2 days later, he told them where to find her body in a field outside of town–apparently strangled to death. Police insist she probably died that night–long before a “witness” claimed to see the two of them in a dollar store parking lot.

Why would he all of a sudden sexually assault and kill her? That’s just one of the many questions still needing to be resolved while Elizabeth’s family mourns their loss.

Surprise! He’s no boy scout. Salinas went to jail for 12 years for repeatedly dropping his 4-month old daughter onto a steel box. Yes, on purpose. He was charged with assaulting his wife too a few years back, though he did no time on that. And a few other charges here and there.

I would bet a million dollars Virginia’s “friend” never shared all that.

Since he’s already in jail, the police are waiting for the final results from the autopsy and other tests so they can present all of it to a grand jury, instead of slapping him right now with the murder charge.

Apparently, it was hard to feel down around Kailee Clapp very long as she loved to  laugh and make others do the same. But when her older sister went to wake her for school one Friday morning, her bed was empty and the door from her room leading out to an alley was slightly ajar, although nothing else was missing besides her.

They called the police who came to take a report. And, like Elizabeth, they decided she must be a runaway.

A flurry of text messages among her friends ensued and Kailee’s father called mom Nora that afternoon saying he had spoken to Stathis Kirkpatrick, and while he initially said he hadn’t spoken to Kailee in two weeks, he then said he spoke to her the night before.

At that point, police interviewed Kirkpatrick several times, catching him in lies about phone calls, where he was that night–and even finding blood in the back of his truck and on clothes and a comforter in his room.

In the meantime, Kailee’s mom called police back to show them a possible bloodstain in the alley behind her home, which she discovered while taking the trash out.

Still, none of it phased Kirkpatrick. When confronted, he asked to speak to his grandmother and girlfriend. He broke up with the girlfriend, saying he’ll be going away for a long time and that she “screwed him over” by saying he wasn’t at her house. (He had to know police were on the other side of the glass, don’t you think?!)

He then changed his tune and said he did go see her, saw her get abducted, got attacked trying to save her, but followed the abductor to Bartley cemetary, where her (burned and mutilated) body could be found. It was.

The motive? Seems to be Kirkpatrick was interested in Kailee and she didn’t feel the same. I think we’ll see more come out about that, as well as what really happened that night–rumors have been swirling on both points.

After being held on a $1 million bond, he was charged with first degree murder, assualt with a deadly weapon, tampering with evidence and unlawfully dumping a body at his arraignment on Thursday.

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One Response to Elizabeth Ennen, 15 and Kailee Clapp, 14 — Kidnapped and Found (Deceased)

  1. tlneedham says:

    My two cents:

    OK, this automatically classifying missing girls as runaways is ridiculous. Would it have made saved the girls’ lives to take it more seriously? No, not for Kailee and probably not for Elizabeth. But it would have made a huge difference to Elizabeth’s family by sparing them the agony of not knowing for several weeks while their daughter’s killer walked around free.

    And in other cases, it could have made a difference–at the very least in collecting evidence and clues before they were gone.

    Seriously, if it weren’t for Kailee’s dad, who knows how long it would have been before the police decided to interview Kirkpatrick.

    And her mom was the one to find the suspected blood stain in the alley. It was a HUGE spot, not a few droplets. How awful do you think that was for her? You’d think police would have at least checked in the immediate vicinity of the house when they went there for the report…

    And in Elizabeth’s case, it’s just unbelievable they didn’t look into who last saw her alive–at the very least after the learned the son had an alibi. It would have taken what–5 minutes to look him up in the crimes database?!

    I know, they say the mother trusted him so they assumed he was fine. But that’s why they’re the POLICE–they’re not supposed to assume. Heck, how many parents have trumped up stories about kids gone missing? They never assume they’re telling the truth!

    And to not even go to the next to last place she was supposedly seen?! Even assuming she was a runaway, they should have gone to see whether anyone came by to see her or if she left any scraps of paper or [em]something[/em] behind with a clue as to where they might have gone.

    I know, the police are overburdened and everything. But there has to be a better solution.

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